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Over the years since 1992, the Group has rapidly developed into one of the largest layer farming companies in Malaysia, growing from just 1 layer farm with a capacity of 120,000 layer birds to 9 layer farms with approximately 2 million layer birds, producing an average of 1.7 million eggs daily. We were ranked 2nd in terms of market share in Peninsula Malaysia, capturing about 7% of market share in 2008.

We currently operate 9 layer farms (for chickens aged 17-75 weeks), 5 pullet farms (for chickens aged 5-16 weeks), and 2 brooding farms (for chickens aged 0-4 weeks), all of which are scattered in Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia. We also have 2 Central Packing Stations, where there are 2 large computerized egg grading and packing machines, which can grade and pack up to 270,000 eggs in total per hour.

One unpredictable factor faced by the commercial layer industry is the fluctuation in the prices of feed ingredients like corn and soya bean used in the feedmills, owing to the extreme volatility of grain prices. The presence of a feedmill assists to control costs in the Teo Seng Group’s operations. It was for this reason that Teo Seng Feedmill Sdn Bhd was set up. Teo Seng Feedmill Sdn Bhd commenced its operation in 2001, by adopting automated and computerised auto-mixing technology in the manufacturing of animal feeds. This technology also enables us to formulate premium and high-quality feeds. With this upstream operation, Teo Seng Group has become more cost effective and efficient in its production output.
:: Teo Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd (299992-H)   :: Ritma Prestasi Sdn Bhd (629010-U)
Teo Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd commenced its business operation in April 1995. We manufacture environmentally-friendly paper egg trays using recycled papers, such as old magazines, old newspapers and used cartons boxes. The horizontal diversification of the business enables us to be more cost effective, reduce our dependency on the supply of paper egg trays from other suppliers, and to have a better control over the quality of the paper egg trays.
Ritma Prestasi Sdn Bhd is a trading company, which commenced its business in the distribution pet food, medicine and other related products in 2004. It was acquired in 2005, with the goal of providing us a dedicated subsidiary to source and supply animal health products required for the Group's operations. Ritma is appointed as the sole agent by the well-known multinational company, Bayer Thai Company Ltd to distribute its animal health products, in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. In addition, Ritma obtained the sole distributorship from Vetpharm Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore to distribute its animal antibiotics and supplements in Malaysia. Ritma also assists other suppliers, such as Nutri-Ad International N.V. from Belgium, FarmCare GB from United Kingdom, and Bayer CropScience (M) Sdn Bhd from Malaysia, in distributing their animal feed additives, disinfectants, and insecticides respectively in Malaysia.